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If he is not interested in the 66, I might be! whats your location, and info.
I'm restoring a 66' cyclone GT right now. Pete Z.
Well he has not replied?
I have a 1966 289 cyclone that has been media blasted and is almost ready for paint. The car has been sitting outside for about a year and couple of months so don't concern yourself with the surface rust. I have many new parts, 16gal gas tank, glass, nuts, bolts, screws, weather stripping (to much to mention) and have chromed the bumpers, mirrors, decals and window frames etc. It also comes of course with the fiberglass hood.

What I don't have is the 289 engine, seats and transmission. I sold them because I have a brand new real 427Fe (Block) stroked to 482 and C6 tranny not for sale. It is a four speed but was converting it into an automatic. I was going to make it restomod. I also have a couple of extra front fenders and to extra doors. I am not sure what a fair price would be and would appreciate opinions. Here are some pictures. Btw, I live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I can provide more pictures if need be. Thank You!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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