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Dashpot. What are they for and where to buy?

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My Galaxie never had the dashpot when I bought it though the bracket is there. I'm talking the one on the carb.

What exactly is its purpose? Pretty sure I understand. but figured I'd ask.

Where can a get a new one? Preferably not a plastic one. I'd like to have one that looks factory.
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Hi - I got mine for my 4V Autolite Carb from Now the idle is more straight and smooth like before. I think the Dashpot feels to me like a damper when you stop the car that the idle speed not going down so fast. Thinks it´s no mistake to get one. The reason that owners do not put it again on their Carbs is, that the rubber inside the Dashpot is worn and torn - so they worked not functionally.

The Duke is in Town

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Hi - to find the right Galaxie Parts do not use the Java Catalog - You must look at Traditional Server Page Catalog at
They got lots of Parts for Galaxies and so on...

Hope this helps...

Shipping outside US - in my Case - was not so cheap. But for you US Guys there should be no Problem to get good Parts for your Bucks.

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