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Hi guys,

I don't know if it's linked but we have changed the master cylinder on my 68 mustang because it was not the good model: disc/drum and we put a disc/disc because I've disc on all corners.

Basically, we just swapped the master cylinder and voila, I did since 200 miles and today, I drove it, I broke and I heard the booster dying, I can barely hear the vacuum inside the car.

I made some researches in my history and I purchased 5 years ago a combo (MC + booster) for a non powered brake pedal so it has an adjustable pushrod but we did not touch it because we just did a swap.
When we bought it, we did not pay attention (because the combo was assembled) but the holes to fasten the MC on the booster had been rounded and we had to do the same with the new MC.

So my questions are:

- Shall I purchase a new power booster? If yes, which one?
- I've seen JMC double master cylinder
- Hydroboost

Thanks for your advices, experiences.


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I have electric hydra power with disc disc on my 65 and it works great. I put a hydra boost on my 67 and works great also. Replacing the booster you have will be the cheapest and easiest thing to do.
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