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Decision on best traction for 9\", trac-lok, or Auburn is best???

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I need to decide what to put in my 9" rear with 389 gears, a mild 351W with Edelbrock performer cam, intake, and carb in
my 70 fastback Mustang with a fresh motor and a fresh
I need to decide if the Auburn is worth an extra $190 over a Ford Trac-Lok to take me up to the $1000. mark on a center section.

I plan bigger heads, performer RPM upgrade setup and nitrous 100HP fogger soon, as well as a 2500 stall TC maybe end of summer.

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I would opt for the Detroit soft locker. It will last longer.
I too vote for the locker. I have had two buddies blow their auburns with "mild" street motors.
Just my 2-cents
Thanks guys! Keep 'em coming!! Any other opinions??
Powertrax NoSlip is good i hear
locker & aftermarket axles if going to the track much. lockers can be harder on axles than a spool.

Dave Shea
S/ST 1818 S/P 1018 H/R 1564

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How can anyone expect a clutch pack that is 4" in diameter to lock two 28" wheels together for long?



'71 Torino GT - 545 stroker, Edelbrock CJ heads w/ 11.8:1 compression, victor intake with 850 DP, C6 w/TCI streetfighter converter, 4.56 detroit locker, a/c with full interior</a> " BORDER="0" WIDTH="200" HEIGHT="100">

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currie 9+ tru-trac locker with 31 spline axles on my 402w 69mach1
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