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degreeing the cam

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im going to degreeing my E-303 cam, im going to buy at summit racing the degreeing tool kit, and the timing chain set, but i dont know what kind of timing chain set buy, the one whit cats iron sproket or the steel one, one piece Eccentric fuel pump or two piece, can any one recomender me a good set for my aplication:

1982 stang whit retro fit roller lifters and e-303 cam,mechanical fuel pump.

i have a second cuestion:
the E-303 card cam say:
intake events (0.050) open at 0° btc, close at 40° abc
exhaust venets (0.050) open at 40° bbc, close at 0° btc
duration 282°/282°
lift .498/.498
lobe center: intake 110°, exhaust 110°

i need the intake centerline for degreeing my cam and set at the proper timing, how i can get the intake centerline of the card of the E-303? please can any body help me?
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Miladon? makes a adjustable timing set that was easy to set up when degreeong a cam.
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