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It was a Tremec 3550. It wasn't that bad at all so long as I had the repair manual with the exploded parts diagrams! You get a crash course in needle bearings real quick. Vaseline does a great job of holding them in place when reassembling.

I replaced 4 blocker rings, and left 5th gear alone. The case was really dirty, even on the inside. I had a torn shifter dust cover that I put off replacing. Dirt easily found it's way into the trans case. I ordered a new dust cover.

I took shots of the blocker rings I replaced. They look like they had a lot of miles left on them, but I got the new ones for free from a trans guy I know, so it was a good excuse to tear into it.

'All my forward gears looked great. The reverse selector and idle gear had some rounding on the teeth where they mesh together. But the gear itself looked great as well. Besides, I now usually shift into a forward gear to slow the trans down before I go into reverse. You don't get any grinding that way. How hard would it be for them to put a blocker ring on reverse?



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