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differant same cam

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if i change my heads from the roush200 to lets say AFr205s on my 402w would i have to get a custom cam to go with it?, current cam is a HR 288-293-236-242-555-576-108, vic jr manifold, i just dont want to spend another $1000.00 to port them for more flow i might as well get alum heads this time around and sell the roush heads. thanks.
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I would tend to agree that all things being equal you should be able to increase peak hp significantly with the AFR 205 heads.

Which is not to say the Roush heads are "junk".

In the MM&FF testing series the AFR 185 head out powered the Roush heads by 50+hp on the same test engine. (391 vs 448.).

The engine was a carbed 331 with the Comp XE274HR.

But I also don't think the 205s will reach their full potential with the cam you have.

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On 2006-02-26 15:08, strokerman wrote:
thanks i can port my roush heads to flow just as good as the AFRs mark from panhandle said no problem with 300 [email protected] lift........
How much does it cost for the port work? Does he have flow sheets of other heads he has done?

Theoretically, the Roush heads would support nearly 500 FWHP out of the box with the right combination of induction, cam and exhaust.
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