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Well I finally changed the oil at home on the old 6.7. I'd read up on what a Ford it is due to the volume and splashing.
Anyways I pulled the drain plug and it splashed immediately all over myself and the ground so I flinched due to the hot oil running down my arm. This of course caused a chain reaction which resulted in more oil on the ground.
So now I've got a Valdez sized spill to clean up on the driveway.
Lessons learned:
1) I definitely need an easy drain plug for the oil pan.
2) A 15 quart drain pan is not enough volume to drain this beast. Still pretty messy trying to move the pan around.
3) A lift kit on your truck means the oil will splash more due to increased ground clearance.
4) Change the oil on the neighbor's driveway next time!
5) Take more time to pick up best oil for 6.7 cummins.
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