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distance question

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was wanting to order new springs and leafs so-as to get a nice even drop, but the previous owner heated the springs and did numerous things to the leafs.... so i was wondering if anyone has the distance from the ground to the lowest part of the fender lip in the front and in the back?
this way i can order the correct number of inches of drop front and rear to get it even... thanks in advance

-the car is a 62 Galaxie 500 Club Victoria 2 dr hardtop
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you might try finding the stock ride height originally and figure from there. Unless someone here has new springs at stock height you won't get a very accurate measurement. Might try contacting Greg Donahue or Dennis Carpenter and see if they can help you out. Unless someone has a book on the '62 that gives that info. I only have '64 stuff.

This will get you bumped up to the top if nothing else.

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The shop manual usually has stock frame dimesions and a datum line ( level ground) as a refernce to measure to a fixed frame point. Stu
appreciate it guys... i want to put the car down pretty low,but right now thwback is so bouncy, (ever seen uncle buck?). thanks agin for the help
Try This place barkeep, and set one up for me please!
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