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Do I gets points for this?

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I don't really ever post, but I wanted to introduce you guys to my next project. Let me know what you think.

Anyone looking to hook a ford motor to a chevy transmission, the advance adapters stuff is the way to go!
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Thats a good looking old truck man. Glad to see you got that dizzy fixed. I try to tell people they never run right when the dizzy is in the back.
Haha!!! Me likes!

Good to see something that will actually make it move under the hood.
Well, I hate to dissappoint you but I believe that you should abandon this project immediately.
I will henceforth make every attempt to come out to Savannah with a trailer and the $5 bucks necessary to take that Heap~O~Junk off your hands and prevent you from going through all the trouble of driving through town with the windows down and waving at people... Believe me when I tell you that it's hard work, and, I wouldn't want you to have to work so hard, and what, with the one hand waving you'd have a very difficult time holding the strreing wheel properly, and, since I have three arms I can take that burdon from you.


HA ! I am closer and I have 6 dollars !
I drove it to work this morning (11 miles), and the chevy trans is slipping already! Guess it couldn't take that ford horsepower.
It's a 302 with a Weiand 174ci blower (9psi), TFS heads and cam, and a holley 750. All hooked to a stock th350.
Nice to see someone pulling out a bowtie in favor of a blue oval under the hood
I hope you used that Chevy for a SALT WATER boat anchor
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I added some updates on my truck if anyone is interested.

Notice the gigantic oil slick from the tranny. Like a rock alright. The only chevy part left in the drivetrain and it pukes itself after 110 miles!

It's only about halfway up the driveway, and I have to push it up the other half to get it in the garage. My roommate ( the homeowner) is thrilled.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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