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Dog Dish caps and rings full set 14"

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Here's a nice set of Dog Dish caps and trim rings full set all around. They look nice, with the FORD MOTOR COMPANY logo, and stainless so they stay shiny all the time. I just upgraded to 15" Mag 500's and these are 14" Rims. Not show quality with a few scratches, but VERY presentable. Turn ugly steel wheels into sporty looking muscle. The dish measures 10 1/2". I just needed new tires and chose to go 15". Make reasonable offer.
Turns this:

Into this:

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Should be $100 (caps and rings all up) you pay shipping. They'll fit in a pretty small box without the wheels of course.
Do you still have the stock wheels? How wide are they?
14x7 I believe. They're bone stock looking black steel. The Torino orig came with that size. The trim rings and cap cover almost all of the rim. The photo shows 225-70-14 tires on these rims. The tires are worn out and still mounted. I could ship them all together.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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