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Drag79stang's new hood

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Very COOL hood Dragstang!!!!! Is that a 6" cowl? What brand is it again? I put a 6" cowl hood on my 68 from Unlimited products and it needs lots of work to be perfect.

Hows yours fit?
It's advertised as a 4" cowl. It measures 6" along the high side, tho. Fits really good. I highly recommend Glasstek. They're out of Naperville, Il. (630) 978-9897.
Nice guys to deal with. FYI, they said right now is their slow time, usually takes 4-5 weeks to get stuff, well, right now around 2 weeks.
I can hardly wait to get it painted/striped. I'm in the process of drilling the holes, etc, for the hood pins.

And, thanks again, Dark!!!!!!!!!
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cool hood, it looks like it belongs on a F-16.
maybe bin laden should look out for you too.
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That oughta get their attention!!
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You'll have to change your name to: Drag79stang-The Intimidator/Predator/Dominator. Looks pretty bad ass. Since it now looks like an 8 second car, you'll have to run some serious numbers to back up the awesome looks
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Really looks GOOD!! How do you see over it??

You must have $500.00 worth of K&N's under it!!

Look forward to seeing it when you finish it!!



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Oddly enough, the 'car' used to intimidate alot of racers at the 'rock' as it was. ( a scoop/wheelie bars, and fat slicks was the trick then):lol:.
I hope/pray/believe whole heartedly that it will be deep in the 9's on the motor this year. (it freakin' better be with the amount of cash I"ve thrown at it so far!!!!!!):evil:
Cool. I really like cowl induction hoods. And Glasstek makes really nice 'glass. A buddy uses their body on his '00 Firebird and it was some really nice glass too.
Glad to see you got it and are happy with it! Man,that looks tall for it to be labeled a 4"!! hehe Did you decide on a paint design yet? I finally sold my Cervini's hood last night and might have to roll that cash into a nitrous system or a set of vic jr heads for the back-up motor. Not really sure what to do right now...Anyways that hood looks great!
The hood looks great just one question are you going to have a brace in the center .The glass look a little thin and at 150 mph is it going to bow in at the center. We had that problem on a super gas car we had
That's pretty sweet. Kinda off topic, but not really. Which do you think is better? The cowl induction scoop or the ram air type?
Do you remember the ORIGINAL hood/scoop combo that is in the picture on 'rides'? That thing would lift over 3" in the middle at only 120 mph. It also overheated the car. It would force so much air in thru the scoop it'd blow it back out thru the radiator. We did an experiment with it, and without, and the car ran normal without the hood. I tossed it immediatedly. Looked way racey,but it was unneeded. This hood is needed. (the teardrop gig was only a bandaid for the rest of last season).....
As far as it bending'/bowing in the middle, we'll have to wait and see. At least I"ll have a seat close by to check out the action:lol:

My buddy building the 408 stroker with a Super Victor thinks he's going to be able to get by with a 2.5" Cervini Cowl hood. I told him he's probably going to at -least- need a 4" rise. If I remember correctly, you have the Super Victor. What's your verdict?

N20 Mike. I'm running a Hal crossmember, (don't know if that dropped it at all in the cradle, but kinda looked lower), I"m running HPM dropped mounts, (drop it 3/4"). With the super vic, and a 1" wood spacer, I have a drop base K&N air filter, and a 4" filter. I JUST clear the front of the cowl induction hood, by about 1/4". And, that's with just the intake sitting on the block. I'm sure I"m going to lose a little more with the heads and gaskets in place. (at least 1/4").
There's no way a 2.5" cowl will clear unless he doesn't run an air cleaner, /and spacer.
When I ordered this hood, remember, I had that teardrop scoop on there? It hit in the back. That had 4" of clearance inside it.
This cowl measures (measures), 6" in the rear. If it measured 4", it wouldn't fit my application. (don't have a clue how the hood companies or where they measure, but this one fits very nicely.
Good luck on your friends 2.5"!!

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I found that on my car with a scoop, and no air pan sealing the carb to the scoop, it is actually slower than if the scoop wasnt there. The air gets disrupted so badly from what is coming in thru the radiator and trying to get out the scoop hole, and what is trying to come in the scoop hole, that it really messe the carb's signal up (too much turbulence right around the carb). Plus, it takes power to push that big scoop thru the air. What you might lose in HP, you gain in aerodynamic effeicency with the cowl induction hood. Try hanging onto a bucket with a small hole in the end of it at 50 mph. Then imagine that at 120.

I really like my cowl induction hood. And with the carb not being sealed to the hood, it gets the same quality air all the time. I think it helps consistency.

But then again, maybe I'm just babbling now and really have no clue as to what I'm saying
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Yeah, I gotta believe that the cowl induction will be lots more aerodynamic than the HUGE scoop that was on there before the teardrop. I plan, (it's gonna be a long winter, right), to seal off the carb to the cowl somehow. That's an awful big area to seal, (even with a pan setup).
And, Vishus, quit selling yourself short.
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