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Surfing the net one day I found a great product to spruce up what most people don't even think about. I found a great product that covers the gap between the grille and the radiator core support. I wanted a show panel that didn't have any cut-outs since I deleted my hood latch. I wanted a panel that was smooth and without any holes. I contacted Undercover Innovations and Derel was happy to make my panel the way I wanted it. Apparently they make panels for various makes and models. They can also engrave panels with logos and names. I don't personally know Derel but I thought I'd show off what I think is a very nice product.

Here is the panel as I received it. It came nicely packaged and in a very timely manner.

Here is the before pic.

Depending on how your car is assembled, trimming the edges may be necessary. I put my car together and the front of the fenders may be a little too narrow. I had to trim 1/8" off each end.

Normally this panel is plug and play. Since I specified "no holes", I had to punch my own. I used stainless screws so there wouldn't be any rust issues down the road.

I am very happy with my show panel. These panel retail for about $85 before any custom engraving. They can be had in clear anodized, black anodized, or polished. If they don't make a panel for your car, contact Derel and ask if they will. I would imagine this install would take approximately 30 minutes. It took me about an hour since I had to drill my own holes.

Here is the finished product.

64-66 Mustang Show Panels



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Looks awesome!..If you have the normal hood latch setup do you still need to screw the panel to the rad support?..I have been thinking about getting one but I am a little anal about drilling holes new holes..
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