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I'm new here, but very impressed with the amount of knowlege floating around!

My question is this: I have a 71 460 in my jetboat which will only turn about 5000 rpm hooked up to the pump. (it's almost like having it hooked to a dyno!)

I have stock C8VE heads, Weiand Stealth intake, Roller Rockers, and water-cooled aluminum headers, which go from a little larger than the exaust port on the head into a 3" tube, and have a 3" 360 degree loop for the exaust to go around before exiting the boat.

I'm running a Motorcraft 4300-600cfm.

Cam is Chet Herbert #H3N. 112LC, 215.500IN,215.525EX, Dur 275-285
time cam in lobe ctr: 104

I have no Idea how to put the cam #'s into DTD, what type heads to select (wedge,ect.)
Could someone give me some advice on inputing info? I know I'm asking for a lot of writing here, but I sure would appreciate some help.

Thanks Much!

ken F
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