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Dying cloth seats

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Thanks to the sun, the back seats around the headrest
level have turned a purplish color. I'd like to dye them
back to the original black color. We're talking about a
small amount of cloth, right at the top of the seat back.
Anybody have any experience doing this kind of job?
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Now there's a good point. I don't have a clue if they're
synthetic material or not. I thought about RIT though.
What happens with RIT and synthetic material? I'll
bet it won't absorb the RIT?
On your seat belts- you don't get color coming off onto
clothes? That wouldn't be good. Particularly with a
seat. I think an experiment on the back on the trunk side
of the seat where you can't see it might give me some
Just as I was getting ready to mix the RIT up, my wife
came back from Michael's (crafts store) with a permanent
fabric dye called "Tulip cool color spray." It comes in a
small spray bottle. Available in various shades, I'm told,
this one is black (FLSP14-4C). Roughly 5 bucks with tax.
Tested it out on the seat in an inconspicuous place and
it appears to do the trick. After it's dry, water doesn't
seem to make it run or bother it in any way. The down-
side is that with a 4 Oz bottle, it took the whole thing
to get a pretty small area on the top of the rear seat
colored perfectly back to black. (Roughly about five coats
with the appropriate drying time in between)
I'm guessing that RIT would be far more economical if
you're doing lots of cubic feet

Thanks for the replies.
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1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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