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Eagle crank key

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I have an eagle 4340 forged crank for my 351w and it has three short keyways in line with each other.
Does anyone know what size key fits these keyways?
It looks sort of like a chevy crank key.
The old key was long and narrow and the new keyways look to be the same width but really short.
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It should be a half moon key. I can't remember if there is more than one, but the short keyway's use the halfmoon or cresent style key.
Yes its half moon key and there's 3 of the little buggers but I dont know what to tell NAPA for a size.
I guess I could measure the crank keyways and the balancer and come up with something but I was hoping someone could just pull it off the top of their head.
I was told by my machine shop that they are a Chevy crank key. I didn't ask what size, I just had them supply them.
I got them at Lowe's (home depot also had them). Cant remember the sizes though..seems that they were 3/16" by 7/8" long.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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