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Door speaker Modification:
I was tired of the single speaker in the dash, so I got a set of speakers and instead of buying kick panels with speakers in them I would make them mount in the door. The door didn’t have a hole for a speaker, but it had a covenant access hole that was out of the way of the window regulator.

I put my speaker in for a test fit, and it fit. With some metalwork, I could make it hold in place.

I took cardboard and traced the pattern of the access hole on it and cut out the triangle shape. I took my speaker and traced it and cut the circle out of the triangle. This is the test fit of the cardboard.

Using a band saw and a grinder I make the shape out of some scraps of metal.

This is my panel tack welded in.

The speaker fits nicely in the hole. Just sand and paint, and I have Door speakers!

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