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Hey...I'm kinda new at this posting thing, but I was wondering what everyone thought of this idea: I have a 66 mustang with a C6 automatic and an open 8" rearend w/ 3.23 gears in it, and a very lightly modified 289. I am considering putting in a 4.11 power-trac or eaton limited slip rear end, along with the Edelbrock RPM power package(600 cfm carb, dual plane high rise intake, and edelbrock rpm cam) and using the 165cc AFR heads. A mechanic told me that the combination would likely get me about 320 rwhp, and probably drop my 1/4 mile from 15.9 to around the mid-12's. I currently have a 600 cfm edelbrock carb and performer intake, and hedman shorty headers...i plan on going with long-tube hooker headers. Sound like a good plan? The mechanic told me that all the parts would run around 2,500, and another grand for installation of everything. Sound about right?
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They make a c-6 for sbf. 351 and 302 use same bellhousing.

A few years back, a friend of mine was spending latrine loads of money having his cruisomatic (behind a 351) repaired. I talked him into ordering a C-6 from B&M when they were still a performance company. It took a few weeks to arrive and we replaced it that weeked. No muss, no fuss, no more broken parts.

Thsi was during the time when common wisdom had it that the 351 was a dog, that the best sbf was the 289.

We learned 'em! On both counts...that automatic run hard and that 351's will not only eat your Lunch, it would eat the bag and the wrappers too.
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