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hey guys,

i hve a 69 windsor and plan on gettin this 74 windsor for 300 bucks with new valve covers, oil pan.

what i am wonder is can i slap on the manifold from a 351w efi and put it on my 69 or 74 windsor and just hook very thing up? my dad is in the process of putting a 5.0 in a 66 so he shoud be more experienced with hooking up efi harnesses up. so is this possibl just to hook everything up and it'l go? of it there a differenc in the old Windsor and new Windsor?

now wil this fit under a 73 mach 1 hood? cuz my ram air set-up barely fits in there now. if it doesn't i will get a mach 1 dominator hood to make it fit. i need to know soon cuz it it needs the diferent hood i will get the hood now before it's painted. (the whole car)

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