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Need some help, do not know much yet I plan on building an engine. I am looking at a 393 or 408. Also I have read on this site that if you go with the 393 you do not need to have the block modified. This will be an EFI engine. I live in Cali and wanted to know if they can be maid emissions legal. This will be a daily driver. At a later date it will have a power add. I am thinking of 9:1 compression. I would also like to hear what kit you all think would be the best. I would like to make this as reliable as possible. Yes I know I am asking a lot. I have accumulated some parts.

1969 Block that has been over bored 60
AFR 185 Emissions
RPM EFI Intake

Any and all help would greatly be appreciated.
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See how much I know.
This will be going in a 93 Conv. Mustang
With the proper tune, it shouldn't be too difficult. I put a 347 in my ex Brother in Law's 91 and it passed with flying colors. Make sure you get CARB approved bolt ons like intake, MAF, exhaust, etc. Take it somewhere and get a pretest done first. You don't want to be labeled a gross polluter because of a stupid tuning issue.
A couple more things. You'll need a sort of mild cam with no overlap.

Don't mention that it's anything other than a stock motor with bolt-ons, you don't want to draw unwanted attention. Definetely don't mention it's based on a 351w instead of a stock 5.0.

You'll probably have better luck at a small shop in an alley. PM me if you have trouble finding a shop. Where in California are you located?
I am thinking E303 Cam.
I am in Palmdale
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