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I just finished recurving my Ford vacuum advance distributor. It has a Pertronix unit installed. Today I test drove the vehicle most of the day at I noticed a pronounced hesitation and or miss when the vehicle is travelling at lower RPM (1700-2800). This is most noticeable at lower speeds. I do not notice it on the highway at 2500RPM and 65 mph. All I did was change to a lighter spring. It may not be the problem, but it did not miss as bad before I changed the springs. I do have a moderate cam (216 dur, .484 lift). The car idles great and feels great a higher RPM with no missing at all. Timing is 12* initial 32* final.

Other info -carb Autolite 4100 (480 cfm), engine 306 cid, T5 tranny.


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