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Engine Rebuild Cost

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What's been your experience on cost to send a motor out for a mild rebuild. Here's what I have

1966 Galaxie 352 4 barrel - all stock. Quote I got today was for $4500 to bring it up to around 325hp (I didn't get the details of exact cam, etc) but was told that the price included cam, headers, new intake and Carb (again don't have specific details), minor work on the heads, clean up of the block, electronic upgrades and all work necessary to make it look good under the hood. I'm in California, so take into account some factor of higher prices (seems like everything out here costs way more than it should). This quote is from a builder who came recommeded as someone who knows the FE motor.

Trying to get an idea as to whether this is on target or off base. Care to share your cost for similar rebuilds and give contact info for reliable builders?

Thanks for the input.
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Oh yea, forget to ask - any specific cam, head, header, intake suggestions to take the old 352 up to between 350 and 400 hp at the flywheel? Any other suggestions?
The $4500 didn't including pulling or replacing the motor. I have access to a crane so I can pull and replace. Keep that good info coming!
farmallmta - You just proved why the Internet and forums like this one are better than... you get the idea. Why go out an reinvent the wheel when so many others have done exactly what you want to do.

You summed up what I'm after - a streetable car (will be my daily driver) that has enough spunk to make my heart pound from time to time. I'm sure people out there will differ in your opinion on the specifics of how to accomplish this - there are more ways to get to the same result than what you have described, but, what many of us reading this forum needs is a place to start. I'm new to Galaxies, FEs and restorations. Without the kind of detailed answer you gave I'd spend way too much time getting an education the hard way. Thanks for taking the time to share in such detail.

And to the rest of you who have posted your thoughts here and in the many other posts I've read - your time is most appreciated. Any more thoughts are welcome and will be put to good use. Thanks & keep up the great info flow!
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