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Beyond the obvious like sanders, compressors, paint guns, ratchet wrenches, torque wrenches, reciprocating saws, cordless drills there are some other tools that become essential at some point for making it easier to work on old vehicles. Sometimes you may not think of these until you finally get frustrated or desperate and have to go buy one.

Here are a couple that I have found indispensable at times.

My 18 year old volt meter quit on me so I just went to get a new digital multimeter which is the inspiration for this post. Cost $34.95 at Lowes which is about the same I paid for my 18 year old one. I supplied the little black zip up case which came from a camera or something. In addition to volt, ohm, amp measurements it also has a thermocouple for temp and an audible continuity checker. You may not think you would use the continuity check function and there is a cheaper model that doesn't have this. Sooner or later you will need this so I would highly suggest getting one with that function. Audible makes it that much nicer if you are fishing around with the probes and don't have 2 sets of eyeballs to look at the meter with while you poke around.

The other tool in the photo is my hammer knocker, LOL. It is a hammer driven ratcheting screw driver. You can tighten or loosen with it. It came with different size Philips and flat drivers. I don't use it often but when I do it is wonderful. I had to get it out some time ago to back the screws out of my door latches on the mustang because they were totally seized up. I just used it today to get the screws loose on my clutch master cylinder cap on the bike because it needs a bit of fluid.

Another little tool I never thought I would need but have used a lot from time to time is a very small ratchet wrench that drives little hex head bits of all kinds like Philips and flat screw, allen head, those star heads, square heads, stuff I don't even know what the name of them is. I have a box full of those things.

What are some other tools that you all consider essential that someone might not think to have around?
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