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Excessive Valve Train Noise 351

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Hey yall, this issue is driving me crazy so hopfully you can help me out. I have a 351c in my 72 ranchero, it is rebuilt with 30k miles on it. 30 over with 70- closed chamber heads. I am running a comp cams Xe274h cam with scorpion pedistal mount roller rockers. im getting some valve train noise and clatter which i am told is normal for the fast ramp rates of this cam, but there is a tick that is so loud on the passenger side that it sounds like an exhuast leak ( its not, changed gaskets already) the valve train clatter is not there at idle at all, but only shows up between 1500-3500 rpm and is present during acceloration and deceloration. Ive checked and doube checked preload and its perfect, ran it with the valve cover off and didnt see anything out of the ordinary. Hot oil pressure at idle is 25-30psi. Any ideas?
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