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For sale is a brand new, never installed pair of Harley Davidson Projector Headlight lenses for the 1997-2003 Model Ford F150. Unfortunately, I had ordered the wrong set - they are not compatible with my current HID setup so my mistake and loss is your gain! Retail on these lights sale anywhere from $200-300. On eBay, the cheapest pair you can buy is $130! I am only asking $65 plus s/h. I have a well trusted Paypal account, I am verified, and have sold/bought many things off of eBay/

Please contact me at [email protected] if interested & serious! We can work out something.

Here are some pics:

As I mentioned above, they are brand new and never installed! They were only taken out of the box for pictures! These headlights are equipped with bulbs for the projectors & all necessary wiring. Your factory parking lights & 9007 bulbs get re-used.
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