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Well, with Hot Rod Drag Week over, the new kings are Dennis J. Terzich, Jr./Steve Roth with a 5 day AVERAGE E.T. of 7.80.

Now, the fact that this car was driven without support for the whole week and still clicked of 7 second e.t.s each day is without a doubt IMPRESSIVE.

But now, I see that the fastest cars registered are safety tech'd for no less that 7.50's. I don't know what is required to go faster than that in a door car, but........

What do you think will be 'future' of Fastest Street Car events? Will we simply go faster than 7.50's or will the rules change to make that 7.50 ET harder to achieve?

Personally, although I've seen enough chassis cars on the streets, tube frame cars do not spell street car to me. Back half'd.. of course. Full tube... not.

Also, looking at the Drag Week results, I think the hardest class to compete in would be Street Race, Small block n/a. These cars require stock frame and body, tires up to 11.25 inches in width, bolt on traction devices, basically full interior, and less than 430 ci with no power adders. The winner of that class this year averaged 10.15. Considering that you don't know what kind of octane is going to be available on the trip, you are limited on compression and without power adders to help out in that department, 10.15 is a tough number to match!
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