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Hey ya bunch of lazy nogoodnicks!

It's that time again!

JULY 20th Saturday, 10AM to Whenever!

BBQ Chicken, BBQ PORK, Maybe even some STEAK!

Bring your old ride, bring your new ride, bring your foreign ride, just get your asses over here!

Throwing some horseshoes, talking schitt, fixing on the Shotrod, listening to Eldon's filthy and offensive jokes.

Just having a good time! Even a bon fire in the after hours if everyone behaves :) :D :D

There is even a tent for people who may indulge in the spirits and prefer not to drive drunk! Heck I even have 3 couches we can fill up if necessary. We like to do it safely here at the Classy K Ranch!

Where? 14578 Sidney Road SW. 98367 Google map that stuff!

Contact # 360-801-5 NINE NINE NINE NINE

WHO IS COMING???? REPLY HERE! Please say you'll contribute, cause if I'm paying for it again It's going to be hot dogs and cool aid without buns or cups :) :)


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I like your style FE. I am not that far from port orchord and would be honored to meet you in person. perhaps next year? this time of year always brings me to the water where the crab are plentiful and the breeze is free.I love the NW!(35 dunginess in 3 days) Next year my car should be on the road, in need of a decent paint job but I would probably need a ride from the dock with a cooler full of crab. We'll see!


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