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Well it's not very fast but it sure was a blast. Went to Atlanta Dragway w/ some friends. Vinyl 66 went and also got to meet another FM user Bluestreek. Here are my best 3 runs and combo

.030 over 289 block
stock crank, rods and heads unported w/ stock 1.78/1.45
valves and roller rockers
Weiand single plane w/ holley 600 dp
tri-y's w/ x-pipe
some mild cam have no idea what been in it since 1993
3.55 8" open gears w/ toploader 4sp
full street tires and wheels 17x8 TT'IIs Kumho 255 40's on

Run 1

r/t .140
60' 2.699
330' 6.868
1/8 10.243
mph 73.10
1000 13.179
1/4 15.663
mph 90.82

Run 2
r/t .366
60' 2.748
330' 6.913
1/8 10.268
mph 73.89
1000' 13.155
1/4' 15.604
mph 91.94

Run 3

r/t .199
60' 2.606
330 6.761
1/8 10.105
mph 74.34
1000 12.997
1/4 15.454
mph 91.70

I know my 60's are
but I did meet my goal to run better than my last trip 13 yrs ago when i ran a 15.80 From most folks I've talked to my stock heads are a big bottleneck now and no traction. I was suprised that even w/ the shelby underide bars I was having some wheelhop. I'm sure the 40 series tires i am running didn't help much. It was a fun time and can't wait to do some tuning and get some better 60' ft times. I saw some guys running slower trap speeds and running mid to high 14's... I shift at about 5k and it felt like it was just about stuggling to do that. Any advice and things to work on would be great. I found the best launch to be leaving at 2500 rpm and easy into it. First run tires broke loss and it wheelhopped pretty bad. About the only other highlight i had was that out of 5 total runs I killed the other guy at the tree all but once.

'65 2+2 TimeMachine: 289 4v 4sp 3.55 gears

1991 Honda Civic Si- daily driver
2002 Midnight Edition Ford Escape- wife's car

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Friday was a blast David!
I don't know why you would be getting wheel hop with the shelby bars.
Your car is in desperate need of a "bad" 60 foot time. Because your's are terrible.

Somewhere around a 2.2 would do a world of good to your times. It's only a set of drag radials away!!

Speaking of drag radials, my little 215/60 14 BFG drag radials mounted on stock steel Mustang rims got my car to hook to a best time ever. (Not saying too much bec. this is only the 2nd time I've raced this combo.) My timeslip looked like this:


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Nice car!
Ya, those 60's hurt... I too wonder why the wheel hop with the shelby's... I run them with no hop at all.

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traction is your bottle neck not the engine. dont waste your street tire at the track, get a set of slicks.. dont worry about wheel hop till you try a real drag tire.
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