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I agree with you its not my truck though!

Its a chick I work with sisters that I did major tune up on today.

If you think the V-6 in my driveway is a rare site it gets better!

I also have a 1991 Ford Festiva in my drive right now too!

But,here is my defense on my part to having these under powered vehicals in my normally V-8 filled driveway.

The chick I work with who ownes the Festiva is "super hot"! And her sister who owns the Bronco II is just as hot as her!

So you gotta consider the "Hottie" factor in this case!:D

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And a T-shirt that says "I'm lonely and single" to really hit her where it does the most her heart

KENT- '65 Failane 500 wagon, '68 Falcon wagon, '78 Fairmont wagon, '76 Pinto wagon, '00 F-250 SD V-10 crew cab off road 4X4

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