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Maybe someone on here can help with my problem. I own a 1972 F100 with a 302 and 3spd. trans. Just to let you know what has been done to the engine so you might have an idea.
Block is a 1969 bored .030
Heads are stock 1970 302
Edelbrock Performer Intake
Edelbrock 600 Carb.
Comp Cams Camshaft 218/228 .471/.471
Stock Crank and Rods
Forged Pistons (Flat top)
Pertronix Ignitor Points Conversion
Pertronix Flame Thrower Coil
Hedman Headers 3" Pipes to Flowmaster Mufflers

My problem is that when driving at cruising speed (50mph) engine starts to flutter like it's not running on all 8 cyls. or that it may be starving for fuel. This problem has just started ocurring Ive drove it for a while now and now this. What should I check?

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