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FMX Manual Shifting Woes

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My FMX as far as I know has never been rebuilt, and the stock shifter has a lot of play in it. When I put it down to 1, the button never clicks out all the way, and I can just press it from 1-2-D-N without holding the button.

Worse still, when I was on it full throttle, I went to go from 1-2, and it just jarred to a stop. First I thought I was a bonehead and jammed it up into reverse with big monkey hands. So i tried it again, this time being very gentle. Same thing!

I have tried going 2-1 and 1-2 at lower speeds/RPMs and it seems fine, if a bit touchy and hard to shift. But the vagueness and the problem going 1-2 mean I can't get the thing the manually shift at all. Considering in automatic mode it shifts 1000 RPM shy of my peak power, this is definitely Not Good™. What could be causing this? I would like to stick with the FMX, just to dare to be different (plus I spent $200 on a stall) but all of this crap is making me think I should just drop the dough and swap a C4 with a B&M shifter and call it a day.

Anyone have any advice? What could be causing these shifter problems?
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A C4 application shifter will work on the FMX? I was under the impression there was some difference that kept them from working, otherwise the manufs. would list the FMX application as well. If they'll fit then that might be a novel solution.
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