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Well, I did it. It took me Sat. and Sun. to do it but I got my heads swapped with the ones I had ported out and had rebuilt. Now I remember why I'm a diesel mechanic, there's no room to move in those little toys. That and one leg in a cast made it pretty slow going, but it's done and it runs. First try, too. WOO-HOO!!
I celebrate now, but I was almost in tears last night on the drive home. I had left the rad cap only partially on when I was warming up the engine to get all the air out of the system and, in my excitement to try it out, I forgot to tighten it down. She almost overheated on me and all I can say is I am sure glad I carry a lot in my truck toolbox.
It's been windy up here and is supposed to be for the next few days with gusts up to 100km(65mph) so a performance report will have to wait until we get some calm weather, but the truck does seem to have a bit more poop to it.
I'll update further when I get some results to post.
My thanks to FM for their informative articles and to all of you who helped me out with my questions and ESP'd your support to me.
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