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Im posting this for sale so that if someone is interested in it, i can transport it to Columbus, OH when i come for the Fall Swap Meet for the cost of fuel up there. ive been back and forth about selling it but honestly, im more interested in building my '73 Grabber than this one. if i sell it, someone will get a great project..... but if i dont sell it, ill have another driver

here's the lowdown on the car:
1972 Maverick Grabber
302 V8 (Mexican block, from a '71 Comet GT)
C4 auto (also from the '71 GT)
HD suspension (7/8" front sway bar)
floor shift (converted from the '71 GT)
front disc brakes
Original dark green car with black bench seat interior

This car runs and lot drives, enough to pull around the parking lot or something. i have never driven it more than around my block so i cant deem it "road worthy" yet, but would take much to get it there. i have all the little parts to put back on it (ie. front valence, grille, etc...), and im also including high back bucket seats from a 71-73 Mustang (same as Grabber) but they'll need to be recovered.

the pictures speak for themselves, it still needs some work but has come a long way. about the only body work it will need is on the rear quarters and hood lip. I have installed/replaced the following:
-302 engine, auto trans and rear end from '71 GT
-battery apron
-core support
-installed front disc brakes
-installed better fuel tank/sender
-converted car to floor shift with all the correct parts
-replaced both fenders
-replaced both doors
-several other small things but too much to list....

so if interested, here's my build page for the car:
My official '72 Grabber project thread - Ford Maverick / Mercury Comet Forums

the link shows pictures, info, sweat and tears of the build so far. you'll also see the link to my photobucket that has ALOT of pictures. if you have any questions about the car, PM or email me. or if u want, send me a message and ill give u my number.

Asking $2,300 the way it sits, wheels and all (painted torque thrust style wheels). if u dont want the wheels, i can adjust accordingly. CLEAR Indiana title in hand. just lemme know if interested

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