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Ford 360; need help with oil leak, please.

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I joined the forums to ask about a leak I can't figure out.


My 360 FE:
Stock Rebuilt - 12 months ago - stock
.030 over [just for clean-up]
76 AA heads [for valve seats]
Edelbrock 390 Performer - Holley 4-barrel - Headers [for airflow]
Stock cam / Crank - Not a hot-rod


I could really use some help with my 360 oil leak.

I pulled my 360 and put it on my test stand.

It appears as if oil [anti-freeze?] is coming up through the head bolt?

It leaks, from what seems to be the head bolt, then runs through the headers and down the block.

The head bolt between 3-4 / 7-8 appears to be the worst.


I have some pictures on photobucket:


Thank you very much for your help.
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i know on a sbf you have to use sealer on the bottom head bolts to keep water from leaking. maybe its the same way on that motor
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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