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Me and my friend Larry are going to try a smaller water pump pulley I measured my water pump pulley and it measured 7" so that's means the fans spins at low rpms , with a smaller pulley the fan will spin much faster keeping the temperature down im going with a 5.400 dia water pump pulley, and we are going to check the timing and compression, and vacuum, but we have to get my Cadillac engine back in my caddy first, I will let you know in about a week

Scotty, the pulley ratio is more important than the size, should be 1:1 (same size) or 1:something less (fan pulley is smaller than the crank pulley) Be sure to look at the correct groove too, sometimes Ford have multiple ODs on the crank pulley, compare the one that drives the fan

Ethan - If your cooling is better once you put the stock fan on, chalk it up to experience and realize that it takes a heck of an electric fan to do what a stock fan does. Like it or not to the hot rodders, the benefit of electric fans is power (during the drag race) and the ability to cool between rounds with the engine off, they are not more capable at low rpm or in traffic unless you buy monsters and have the room for them, and in those cases, they draw more electrical load. In the end, it's pretty hard to beat a good fixed fan.

One other comment, lets say you gain 7 HP with an electric fan, but the engine is 15 degrees hotter as it creeps up, although you would lose HP with a fixed fan, the lower temp allows more stable tuning and a more consistent performance, so it's all in the margins, you won't even notice. Last thing, 400 dollars in electric fans can make up that power if spent somewhere else too...

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Need help with over heating 1965 ford galaxie 390 , I willtry and make a long story short, when I bought the car 8 years ago the enginewas rebuilt by Ed Wright in Brookville ohio, the car ran nice and cool neverwent over 170, it had long headers on the bottom gasser like headers . Istarted banging the bottom the headers inn and the car started to get hotterover time , so I went to shorty headers and it even ran hotter, so I replacedthe water pump and radiator, still no luck ran hot at idle, replaced the thermostat and checked timing still no luck runninghot at idle, it does fine going down the road but a nice steady climb at idle orred light to 200+ , so I installed a new 3 core 3” thick radiator with a highoutput electric fan that helped but still ran hot at idle, 200 it just tooklonger for the temperature to rise with the electric fan setup, so by friend Ipulled the engine this spring replaced everything with new ford parts puteverything nut and bot back to stcok, replaced the headers with cast-ironmanifolds new gaskets the whole 9 yards, I really thought that would do thetrick cast-iron manifolds, painted the engine drop it back in and guess whatyep stilling running hot at idle 200 trust me ive replaced everything and ivechecked everything 20times (it runs finedriving down the road 170 max) but as soon as I stop a nice stead climb in temperaturebegins and steadily climbs to 200 , you can feel the heat just rolling off theengine,

New radiator 3 core extra wide
New water pump
New thermostat (165)
Checked timing
New belts
New hoses
nice tight fan shroud
New 7 blade fan to push more air
The fan blade is on the correct direction
New radiator cap correct poundage
Ive done it all and 3 times or more
There are no water leaks around the heads or anything likethat
Runs and starts perfect
I think it inside the engine ?
I don’t think the head gaskets are on backwards, but the paint did peel off quick on the castironmanifolds on back cyl
this su#[email protected] because I've worked to hard on this car and the engine to get things so perfect and back to factory specs, everything was done with the utmost quality and care and professionalism

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Ever solve the problem? If not, try checking the exhaust system flow. When you banged up the headers you might have knocked some rust flakes loose and into the mufflers plugging them up. Plugged/restricted exhaust will cause back pressure and more heat.
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