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Ford 8 inch narrowed rear-end housing/axles 1964 Fairlane 52.5" axle flange to flange

Ford 8 inch narrowed rear-end housing and axles from 1964 Fairlane 52.5 inches axle flange to axle flange. It has a 3.55 open diff. I can sell the housing and axles separately if you don't need the third member. The housing was done professionally in a shop in Sacramento (not someones garage). I am not sure what brand of axles they are, see pictures. The previous owner had this done about 8 years ago to fit 15x8 deep dish smoothies in the rear. I went with deep dish cragars that had set back spacing so I had to buy a Currie narrowed 8 inch. If you have a fairlane or street rod and like the look I am selling the rims and tires also separately (front and back.) The 1967 and up stronger case and new gears were also installed 8 years ago. Very low miles and the ring gear back lash is good. The side gears seem a little loose but I'm not sure what is normal. I'm keeping my brakes.

Private message me and I can send you more pictures.




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