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Ford 9\" -- Part Deux

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Ok. The sleeve has started to crush. Now I'm confused. Again.

According to Richmond I should "set the pinion rotating torque to 10-15 (used bearings)20-25 (new bearings) inch pounds"
(I have new bearings).

In the Ford shop manual it looks like that reading is with the ring gear meshing against the pinion. Richmond is not clear on that.

Do I set the crush 'tight' so that the pinion rotates in its collar stand-alone with 20-25 inch pounds? Or do I mount it the pinion+collar back into the housing against the ring gear and set the final crush (rotating torque) there?

Thanks in advance!
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Im not an expert, but logic would dictate that they are talking about the effort to rotate the pinion by itself. So that wouldnt have anything to do with the ring meshing and the torque that is required to turn it on its bearings.
Just my thoughts.
Pinion alone is what the spec is for. The drag on the ring gear will be related to the tension on the side bearings, so that would thow it all off. 20-25 with just the pinion.
Whew...that's what I thought.
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