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63 Falcon inline 6- ford single carb.

Car stored for 10 years.
When I got it I changed the gas..checked the plugs, points etc...
Motor turns over freely. Good spark. Gas gets to the fuel bowl and stays there, good pressure.

Gas doesn't make it's way into carb. Even when I move throttle linkage no squirt of gas.

Took carb apart. Float and needle valve move freely. Inside fuel bowl very clean. Took main jet screw off. Needle valve won't come out.

Shouldn't it just fall out? or is there a way to get it out?

Am I missing something?

I figure this to be my problem of not getting fuel.

Ford book doesn't go into great detail other than break down view of carburator.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hello. First of all if gas is filling the bowl and staying there then the needle and seat is doing it's job. From the sounds of it if no fuel is sprayed in when moving the throttle then the accelerator pump is probably dried out. Get yourself a kit with gaskets and overhaul that carb if it has been sitting that long. You should have it soaked in carb cleaner for a while to clean out all the gremlins......hope this helps.

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