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I've got a 2008 police interceptor - ex highway patrol car with the Ford code W8161H LK Dark Blue B/C police 13599, used on police vehicles only. No metallic in it. Some c/c gloss to it.
Before I do a heavy cleaning/detailing on the paint have been trying to find out exactly what type of paint it is, i.e. acrylic urethane/enamel/lacquer.. if the only thing "different" is that that particular color was offered for law enforcement only, but the formula used is just like all the others on interceptors of that year.
I know nothing about paint - obviously - which is why am being cautious, don't want to go burning up some odd formula with my usual gung-ho orbital. Ford dealers and online to the top of service have no help except I'd have to "talk to" the body shop at the original factory where it was sprayed. Not gonna happen. Does anyone know for sure if there is absolutely nothing different about THAT LK paint, and any other P71 Interceptor paint offered in the Ford codes for 2008? Just a normal base coat with a clear coat? Treat it just like any other modern paint with a clear coat?
Thanks, and happy rolling to everyone, sun's coming back! :)
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