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Ford Mercury 427 FE Big Block Medium Riser High Performance Cylinder Heads LR
Yes, super hard to find, but here they are. Bolt them on - Ready to go.

Perfect for your R code or W code car!

C5AE-F - 6J12 and C5AE-F - 6M29

These heads were completely rebuilt and have about 3-4 hours run time on them.

Look at the thumbprints - AMAZING!

Crack and pressure tested.

I have had these coated in cosmoline.

I wiped one of the chambers clean to show how nice they are.

Uncut 91 cc chambers Manley valves positive valve seals # 90

These heads have 91 cc chambers new valve guides new flat tapper springs new retainers and valve locks 3 angle valve job positive seal valve seals new spring seats new Manley valves, Springs locks retainers are comp cam if you look in the intake and exhaust runners you will see how clean they are everything was covered in protective cosmoline. Approx 3-4 hours run time.

I prefer pick up, but am willing to ship. Cost of packing and shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.

Pick up or shipping from Claymont, DE 19703

W Code R Code. Galaxie - Fairlane - Comet - Cyclone - Caliente - Mustang - Cobra


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