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I could use some help with ford part #'s I am looking for some mouldings for my comet and the part #'s are
C4DZ 63517 A56-C right
C4DZ 63517 A57-C left

I found some that are suppose to be the mouldings I want, but the part #'s are
C4DB 63517 A30-C right
C4DB 63517 A31-C left

The first 3 digits "C4D" means 64 (or newer) comet/falcon ?

From what I could find the (4th digit) "Z" decodes as "ford parts and service division"
And the "B" decodes as "Body and electrical product engineering"?

The 5th and 6th digits "63" model which I decode as 2 door hardtop??

the 7-9 digits are the same "517"

Now the last digits "A56-C" / "A57-C" from the part#'s I have and the
"A30-C" / "A31-C" last digits from the part #'s on the parts I found.
I haven't found how to decode those. Does this mean they are completly different parts or are they just revisions, or design changes??

Most important question would these parts interchange?

Thanks Greatly for any help

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