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forgot something

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i forgot to put sealant on the flexplate bolts, should i expect a leak? i got em on there tight, sorta too late to turn back now. i have it all bolted together 5.0/c4. and i had to sneak it in there cause the manager said no more big jobs on your cars ok!
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hmmm thats a tough one.
I had no experiance of wether or not to do it, but i did it anyways on my 302 just in case.
I had the same problem here at my apartment. but maybe it will be ok for now. And later in the year you might sneak the tranny away from the engine without pulling the whole thing down.And just remove one bolt at a time and seal it up.
Good luck!
Those should be a blind hole in the crank.
Most dont need sealant the old 289's and maybe others had open hole's to the crank case these needed sealers.
not sure, its a 5.0 ho, is it bad that theres no loctite in there either?

66 FAIRLANE 500 2dr. hardtop

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Late model 5.0 cranks are not blind tapped. The hole goes all the way thru. I use permatex # 2 on the flexplate bolts. I do not know if it would leak since I would never not seal it up.
Maybe I'm missing something here

The flexplate bolts to the crank right...
Doesn't the flange that the plate bolts to stick OUT of the block
and the baren and seal are behind that?? Maybe this is something to the small blocks?? I know on my 460 and my 200, and 170 L6's the fly wheel bolts to the crank and the part it bolts to is way from the block by 1/2" atleast...and doesn't need sealed as its not in the block??
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The holes go right into the block. if you looked thru one you would be looking at the rear main bearing cap.
Locktite would be the only think you might need on them. Most of the time not even that. That's what a torgue spec is for. The bolt holes are outside of the block and away from oil. The rearmain cap is where the seal is at with the block plate there also.
No the bolt holes go right into the block. If you removed the main seal on a 5.0 and took out a bolt you could drop little ball bearings right thru the hole in the main cap into the oil pan. There is oil pressure right there from the rear main bearing. If there is enough pressure to pump oil thru a bad rear main seal there is also a change oil could leak from a non sealed bolt. It says right in the haynes manual to use ford sealant with teflon or equivalant on the bolt threads.

Tony McC

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Here's the post you are looking for... I forgot to put loctite or any kind of sealant on those bolts during my last engine build (2 years ago). It was a flywheel, but the same deal (holes go all the way through). When I took it apart to put that engine back on the stand a few months ago, there was a tiny hint of seepage... a very tiny hint. Nothing that would sling around and get on the clutch (in my case).
I used loc-tite this time around, too... but they weren't loose, nor were they leaking (other than that tiny hint) after 2 years of use. And I would think (I really don't know) that a flywheel would get abused more than a flexplate.
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