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Found 2 more 78 Ford Tbirds.........

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Today was a good day. So good! Out of the blue last week, I remembered where I saw a complete 78 Tbird. It was in a junkyard where I pulled some parts for my daily driver. That was summer of last year. Since then I have toiled over certain parts that I (if I had only remembered it) couldve easily pulled for cheap off this car. I go there today and it is still there! Unbelievable in the land of "crush first, ask questions later". It was untouched. Im gonna go back and pull the spindles, combination valve, and dust shields (mine were rotted and I ended buying some made of fiberglass from Crites) and maybe I'll go ahead and take the calipers for cores. The same yard is gonna come get my 78 cougar donar car, take the 9" rear off, bring the rear back to me, and give me $100 for the car
. Yeah, that is how the price of steel is making these places act now, whatever they can do to get that steel! I got good results findng an NOS combination valve from the Ford dealership if I want to go new $110
. Oh well, at least I have the option now. That was dayshift. Then after I continued on to night shift, I just happened to find ANOTHER 78tbird sitting/rottng in someone's yard. Last time I inquired about a car in this shape, I towed it home after giving the guy $50, so we'll see!
Best case scenario I gather enough parts for two complete drum to disc conversion kits for Galaxies. Maybe keep one and sell another to someone who would like a conversion using all ford parts all ready to install. I don't know how much I would ask for something like that though. Any ideas? It would have to match price of parts plus some profit to make it worth the trouble and time it took putting it all together. Either way, now I will have a decent set of dust shields, ($60 new once I found who had them not including shipping and handling), and will have a couple sets of extra everything in case something doesn't work out. I will measure these spindles to and see if they wont be a better fit for absense of tow out problems on the front wheels (see Gal 406 post on "found the trouble with disc brake conversion"
All this and I was even able to look for the parts that other guys on FM were looking for for thier problems. Yeah, it was a good day......
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would you happen to be anywhere near denver, cuz if so i would be intrested in the other set.
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