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I found me another '67 F-250 Custom Cab Camper Special 2 wheel drive yesterday but the guy want's $1,600 for it with a freshly (and correctly painted) re-built 390 or 352 in it...
Some of you may remember my '67 I had and was restoring while in Nebraska, and the story that accompanied it...
well this one may even be neater! It's vin # 500!!!!
Is that cool or what?!
The 500th F-250 ever made in the '67 to '72 body style which is my favorite!

I just gotta come up with the bucks now! So, when my '83 F-250 4X4 460 4V, comes out of the SMOG shop this afternoon or tomorrow I am immediately putting it on the market for sale!


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Cool Greg
My dad's 68 F-250 camper special 2w/d came with a performance 360cu. He's had it sence new. Good luck on the sell for the 83.
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