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Have a 74 Ranchero 500. Bought in 1997, at 14, from the junkyard for 900 bucks. It was drive able, slight tune up and engine rebuild then drove it all through high school and into college. In 2009 bought a junked 72 with a good front clip. I swapped clips with the needed frame mods to my 74. Next big project I will be undertaking is swapping out my C-6 trans for a 4 speed top loader. I have been piece-milling it together for the last year or so. Have pedals, tranny, and will be getting all necessary components for a hydraulic clutch linkage setup.

Question I have been mulling over is steering column. Original is a column shift so I know it'd be hard to modify it to use. Does anyone know what other columns I could use that are interchangeable? I also know the brake light connector to the pedal assembly is different. But do not know what to use.

Also looking for a retrofit rack and pinion, air/heating system instead if bulky stock system and pictures of anyone's interior who has retrofitted some form of up to-date dash, instrument cluster, knobs, and stereo.

Any help you guys might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated and utilized while making my street-rod dream happen.

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