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I have owned several old Fords in the past: 65 Econoline Falcon Van 240/C4, 67 Galaxie 500XL Fastback 390/C6, 74 Mustang II Ghia 2.3L/4sp, 76 Econoline-350 Club Wagon 351/3sp, 81 Escort 1.6L/auto, 77 Marquis Brougham 400/C6, 82 Thunderbird 3.0L/C3, 97 F-150 4.6L/4R70w, 04 Explorer 4.6L/4R70W,
Some were nice, some were cool, but none of the nice ones were really cool, like my Marquis, or my Explorer. None of the cool ones were very nice. My Galaxie had some bad rust, and my Mustang was a 4 cyl.
Some were neither nice or cool ( Escort, Club Wagon).
The 82 Thunderbird was the worst Ford I have ever owned or driven, yes, it was worse than the Escort!

I did not own, but I drove these and worked on these a lot: My dad's 78 F-250 400/C6, 87 T-Bird Turbocoupe, and my son's 65 Falcon 170/C4.

I enjoyed building my son's Falcon so much I had to have another old car. When we built the Falcon, we kept the six to be different. It was a cool project that turned out well.
View attachment 119569

I also want my Maverick to be different. It seems like everybody is building dragsters and street shredders. I want to go a different route, a curvy route...
I want a Grand Touring car. I want luxurious seats for comfort on long highway trips, decent power but long range, a killer stereo, and a suspension that likes going around corners.

I guess this will be a "silk purse from a sow's ear" kind of build...
This was my starting point: 70 Maverick 2 door 250/C4
View attachment 119537

I traded a daily driver 1992 Chevy S10 2.8 5 speed for my Maverick. I could not make a GT car from an S10.
View attachment 119553

The Maverick's original 200 straight six had been swapped out years ago for a 250. The 19 year old kid I traded with was driving it when the 250 spun a bearing and then puked up a rod. His dad was worried that the deal was very lopsided in their favor, but I told him I wanted to build one from the ground up and this was the kind of starting point I was looking for. I think both were worth $1500-$2000 depending on what part of the country you live in.
When we traded, I brought the motor to my house in the bed of my truck.
View attachment 119561

and I bought this for $350 to use as a parts car: 75 Maverick 4 door 250/C4
View attachment 119545

From the parts car I got these upgrade items for my car:
complete 8" 5 lug 3.00: rear end with 10x2 drums (I had 8" 2.79 9X1-1/2) both are open diff. rears. I will add a Trac-Loc later when I decide what rear gears I want.
heavy duty rear leaf springs (my car sagged in the rear)
5 lug front spindles ( I had 4 lug)
heavy duty front coil springs ( to support a V8)
front disc brakes ( I had 4 wheel drums)
power brakes ( I had manual)
brake pedal assembly (required for power brake swap)
complete power steering assembly ( I saved the manual stuff just in case we don't like it)
complete A/C system (I live in Florida, A/C is a requirement for any car here.)
complete dashboard with A/C vents
Tail light assembly
door arm rests
windshield trim
steering column
lock cylinders and keys that match ignition key
window crank knobs
factory trunk carpet
seat belts
and about a million little trim clips, screws, bolts, and other little things.

We have completed the suspension and brake swap from the donor car:
8 inch 4 lug 2.75.jpg

new sway bar links.jpg
and replaced all of the squishy bits that wear out like shocks and bushings.
Shocks, sway bar bushings, tie rod ends.jpg

Now it should stop good.

It has to have a V8, so I got this for it:
1999 Ford Explorer 5.0L 109K miles 45 day warranty $450
99 Explorer 302 1.jpg

After a complete tear down we sent it off to the machine shop for a complete rebuild.
99 5.0 down to short block 1.jpg

Bored .030, new pistons, rings, bearings, etc.
block painted 1.jpg

After the shop, we got it painted and assembled with a list of new goodies:
Edelbrock Performer intake
Edelbrock 500 cfm 4 BBL
Edelbrock Racing aluminum valve covers
Edelbrock Racing air cleaner
Ford Racing oil dipstick
Ford Racing timing cover
Ford Racing high volume water pump
Ford Racing high volume oil pump
Chrome front sump oil pan
HEI 65KV distributor
Accel 8mm plug wires with ceramic boots
Hedman headers

Based on what I have read, this combination should be good for 260-275 HP at the wheels.
My Maverick with a 200 in 1970 made about 70 HP at the wheels.
It weighed 2470 when new, it should be rather peppy!
We just got the motor completed and in the car.

The build I have in mind for this car has some "pie-in-the-sky" ideas that mat not materialize due to budgetary constraints.
The one area that the Maverick fails in the worst is handling and will require the most expensive and complicated upgrades for any real improvement to the suspension.
The Maverick uses what is basically a 1960 Falcon suspension. It does not handle curves well.
What I want for this build are these:
Mustang II front suspension.jpg

Lincoln Mark 8 rear suspension.jpg

so that I can have a stance similar to this car I found on Google:
what I kinda want it to look like.jpg

Here are the 2006 Mustang GT 17X7 rims I got for it next to the 14X6 donor car steelies:
235-55-17 on 17x7 by 185-65-14 on 14x6.jpg

and here they are mounted and you can see one of my new doors installed:

The body work has started and the front end of the car is done and ready for paint.
front body work done 3.jpg

More to come, stay tuned...
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