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Front A-Arm / Ball Joint

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The book I have says the A-Arm has to be replaced if the ball joint needs replaced. Sounds like a bunch hooie. What's the best fix?
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The balljoint can be R&R'd but it is generally cheaper/easier to replace the A arm with FRPP's replacement arm. They used to be $99/set and the ball joint alone was about $40-45.
So can I cut it out with a cutting torch, or beat it out with a sledge hammer?
I would use a ball joint press. Just don't deform the A arm as it dictates your steering geometry.
replace the whole arm, the new ones come w/ balljoints, and bushings i believe. or replace the balljoints(use a press) and the bushings. you'll need to press those out as well. it might be easier to take it to a machine shop and have them do the pressing.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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