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You might have more luck looking for someone parting out a Mustang II that matches your paint code. Here are some websites that I check every 3 days. I have yet to find a place that does new reproduction bumpers for the Mustang IIs. You'll find this happens a lot with Mustang IIs, it's sometimes easier to just buy a $3-400 Mustang II donor car and take all the parts you "might" need off of it and than re-sale it or keep it out back for parts.

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Craigslist is also a great place to find old Mustang IIs. Look in Texas, California and Utah for the majority of Mustang II parts cars that are worth a damn. That's where I have picked up 3 of my donor Mustang IIs. The more East you go in the USA the worst the cars get. Rust, field sitters, etc. - Especially if you're looking for something electrical related in your Mustang II. Either way, sorry I didn't notice your post sooner. I don't check here as often since there aren't but a handful of Mustang II owners on this site. If you need any advice or help feel free to PM me. I've got a lot of parts for the Mustang IIs, I haven't ever kept the bumpers cause mine's still fairly nice. Either way, good luck with your build. Hope this helps.
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