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Front Anti-Sway Bar is broken? Spare??

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Hi Evrybody - as Season here in Germany begins - the problems started too.

My Front Stabilizer Bar (Anti-Sway Bar) is broken. Think the Material was too weak due to the years. Does anyone know to get one by Aftermarket or NOS? EBay Motors will be one Choice i know...
Repairs won´t fit because of Feather-Steel Material.
My Mechanic told me that´s not so essential. But if I don´t have to pay in Pounds of Gold i´d buy one.

Thanks - it´s for my 62 Gal Babe...


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Thanks you for answer - I´d contact this company. Have seen that "Summit" got this Bar too.

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Hi - in the meantime got another question - does anybody of your guys got one Sway Bar of a Galaxie on the shelf?
I´m member of ebay and paypal - got a credit card.

Perhaps somebody can help? Measurement is 45,46 inch - 118 cm from one eye type hole to another.

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