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I just received a complete front end rebuild kit from Kanter for my 64 Fairlane, as well as new coils.
I don't have a factory service manual so I was wondering if anyone know the correct torque specs for the ball joints, control arms, etc.
Anything special to watch out for, other than the coil springs?

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Ball Joints don't have torque specs that require any amount of imagination bro, you tighten them up until snug, then a little more to align the keyway in the castle nut with the Cotter pin hole, and Viollah, you're done.
The Pitman arm is another story, I would go to about 65 ft lbs on the pitman arm nut, or hit it with a 1/2" impact until the lock washer is nice and flat.
Upper Controll arms are held in by special Bolts that have Locking nuts and the rod that the arm swings on has nice grooves cut into it so when it's tightened up to the frame it GRABS and won't slide unless hit very very hard. Tighten those bolts until they don't move... #40 should suffice, but if useing a 3/8" ratchet, just crank it until it wont go any further then give it a little more. Not really any pre-set torque in a general sense, but tight enough not to move, and for road conditions to not jiggle things loose... You'll be sending it to an alignment shop most likely in any case after doing the whole thing.


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